Thursday, December 20, 2012

Etisalat Nigeria Customer Care is now on Twitter

Etisalat Nigeria, one of Nigeria's top players in the telecommunications industry just announced that they now have online representation of their customer care representatives on the popular social network Twitter.
The Twitter handle for the Etisalat Customer Care representative is @0809ja_suport and it seems that it will be handled by three people according to what is on the right sidebar of their Twitter page.
Here is what their Twitter page looks like below:

You can tweet at them to ask them questions and lay your complaints and they will reply between 8A.M - 8 P.M Monday - Sundays. Any questions/Complaints outside that time frame will still be replied to when they get online. I am yet to test their response time and replies but after I do I will surely update this post with my findings.
I think this is a nice move but I can only wait and see how responsive and helpful they turn out to be as opposed to traditional phone call customer care agents.

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