Thursday, August 16, 2012

Which Network has the fastest Internet in Nigeria?

I get asked a lot that which mobile network had the fastest internet in Nigeria and my response is always the same.
Network speed varies according to your location
What the above means is that the internet speed varies according to where you are and what infrastructure the network provider has in your area. For example, in Lagos Etisalat has excellent 3G services but it may be only EDGE that they have in another state.

So before you subscribe to any internet data bundle in Nigeria,
you should always try all the major networks and find the one suited for your area. So for me, when i stay in Lagos the best networks for internet browsing goes as thus:
  1. Etisalat Nigeria
  2. Airtel Nigeria
  3. MTN Nigeria
  4. Glo Nigeria
So the next time you ask this question, you know the answer ADVERT: