Friday, October 21, 2011

Baba Suwe, NDLEA and Stooling Wahala

This blog is focused mainly around the tech world but i recently read up on the scandal involving Babatunde Omidina popularly known as "Baba Suwe".
He was arrested last Wednesday at the Muritala Mohammed International Airport  Lagos as he was about to board an Air France plane to France.

He has been placed under observation. This move angered the association of film practitioners for a
planned protest against this act by the continued detention of Baba Suwe by the NDLEA.

In case you don't know about Baba Suwe, you can read his Wikipedia Entry

In the past, some high profile actors and musicians have been caught by the drug agency for the ingestion and planned trafficking of drugs and other substances.
Do you think that the detention of Baba Suwe is wrong or you think that this should serve as a warning to other artistes or even people like you and me?
Let me hear your thought in the comment below!

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Source: Vanguard Ngr