Thursday, May 19, 2011

How To Use Your iPhone as a Computer Modem

Most of the mobile phone operating systems like Symbian and Android have some sort of tether functionality that enables them to be used as external modems for windows and even linux (i can't say about Mac), but the iPhone as always been left out.

I just stumbled upon this application called iPhoneModem that can enable you to use your iPhone as a wifi modem for your PC.
Your iPhone does not need to be jailbroken first but you need to install the iPhone Modem app from Cydia or the App store(i'm
not sure about this) before you now go to and download the windows application that you will use to connect the iPhone to.

It has a very simple configuration, all you have to do is just,  after downloading the app on your iPhone and PC, switch on your Wifi on both your PC and iPhone, click connect on the PC version of iPhoneModem, then after it has connected, click to connect also on your iPhone version of iPhoneModem and voila your computer will be connected.

Be warned however that the free version has an annoying feature that always, no seriously i mean ALWAYS disconnect you to remind you to pay for the full version. You can just always remove the reminder but it is a very annoying feature nontheless.

To Give it a try go to the iPhoneModem Page here