Sunday, November 25, 2012

How to learn Software Programming for free in Nigeria

So i get so many people asking me that how do they enter into the technical world of software programming. The other thing that i get asked along with the original question is that can they learn it for free and what are the tools required to start learning how to program in languages such as Java and C++.  


  Today i have decided to point you towards a link where you can get resources to start learning how to program sharp sharp without any huge sum of money. The link i'll be directing you to is a post on a popular website called TheNextWeb where they highlight several places you can learn and even download tools and resources where you can start to learn software programming all for free.

Below is a screenshot of where i'll be directing you to.

To start your journey into software programming today, visit TheNextWeb's 27 ways to learn programming online.
Who knows maybe you might even become the next Bill Gates :)
Don't forget to drop a comment if it has helped you or if you run into any problems in your programming journey