Thursday, September 13, 2012

BroweDotCom Conference happening this Saturday.

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I am actually a little bit late in posting this but the good folks over at BrowseDotCom are having a conference this Saturday sponsored by Google Nigeria. The conference is mainly about technology with special emphasis on learning about something new.


It will feature people like Gbenga Sesan and ChukwuEmeka Afigbo from Google Nigeria To register for the event you can go to the Registration page on BrowseDotCom

The press release is below:

BrowseDotCom, a web/media and IT firm in Lagos-Nigeria, has announced that they will be hosting the maiden edition of their conference-BrowseDotCom Conference & Expo 2012 on Sept 15, 2012 with support from internet giant-Google. BrowseDotCom Conference is an event created to promote and strengthen the business, technology, mobile and internet ecosystem in Nigeria. The theme for this year's conference is 'Bringing Technology to the Grassroots Level'. The conference which will take place at Ajegunle-Apapa area of Lagos State will be the most significant event in the history of the community with high expectations of over 500 attendees. Olatunde Farinde, Program Co-ordinator of BrowseDotCom Conference & Expo noted: "We want our events to drive the development of the business, technology, mobile and internet ecosystem in Nigeria by supporting individuals, business owners, IT professional and NGOs. At this year’s conference, we want to assist individuals, companies and organizations in Ajegunle-Apapa to establish themselves by acquiring the knowledge which they have been deprived for years. The community is ready for IT opportunities but lacks service information and we are glad that Google is supporting us at this year's event." BrowseDotCom Conference and Expo is an annual event designed to allow the top IT and financial companies to come together to discuss a wide variety of emerging transformation trends and strategies for national development. Additionally, it will allow them to connect with Information Technology professionals including developers, testers, project managers, leaders, entrepreneurs and students in the tertiary institution. This year’s event is not restricted to the community alone, it is open to everyone! In fact, Participants living outside Lagos have shown interest in attending the event. Registration for BrowseDotCom Conference & Expo 2012 can be done at and free to attend. BrowseDotCom is a professional Web Media/IT Company based in Lagos Nigeria with extensions in the US and UK respectively. They help start up, small business, large company or non profit organizations take advantage of the Internet to drive up sales, increase brand awareness or reduce operational costs by creating a web solution that will assist them in meeting their business objectives at an accelerated pace. , an eCommerce platform that allows Nigerians to quickly shop for what they want online and get it delivered at their doorstep is also one of their sister company.