Friday, July 20, 2012

How to study online for free in Nigeria

Today, i'll be giving you tips on how to study online for free. The only thing that it's going to cost you is internet cost and some of your time.

The first place that i'll recommend for you is Coursera.. Coursera, an initiative by some professors from Stanford university is gradually growing into an alternative for those that want to learn in the field of Medicine, Mechanics, Computer Science and Sociology among other courses that you can offer there.
Recently about 13 universities have also started offering courses of Coursera and the most amazing thing is that it is for free!.

Go to the Coursera Website to get started
Here is a snapshot of the website below

The second place that you can go to is Udacity
Udacity is also a place that is full of free educational content though most of it is for Computer science students and engineering students. Any other kind of student too can join in as they offer wonderful courses like how to build your own web browser.

The get started visit the Udacity Website now
Here is the screenshot below


The third site that i'm going to be sharing today is KhanAcademy.
The site features teaching on virtually any field from Physics to Chemistry to Mathematics and various other topics like that.
All you need to is click on the topic you want and you can watch videos on it. If you don't understand it's as simple as re watching the video again.

Visit the KhanAcademy website now to get started
Here's the screenshot of the website below


That is all folks, if you have any question or inquiries you can comment below and I'll respond as soon as i can. Enjoy!