Monday, July 16, 2012

How to remove yourself from a Facebook group

Most times on Facebook we are automatically added to groups that we do not want to be part of. This is a very frustrating thing so today i'm going to be giving you steps on how to successfully remove yourself from Facebook groups, lets get started!.

First you open Facebook

Then click on the group that you want to remove yourself from, in this case it will be a group called Coolboy Lap

After you click on it, it will take you to the group page. The group page will be like the image below

Click on the settings bar and then click leave group

Facebook will ask you if you want to leave the group, just click Leave Group and you will be automatically removed from the Facebook group.

That friends,  is how to remove yourself from a Facebook group group. Follow me on Twitter via @emmagine79 to get my latest tweets and not miss anything again. You can also like my Facebook Fanpage to be eligible to win gifts and quizzes that will  be coming up soon. If you have any problem comment below.