Monday, March 19, 2012

How to create a free website for your business in Nigeria

Many businesses do not have any online presence sometimes not for the want of it but because they usually believe that there is so
much stress involved. The number one factor that they look at is the fact the website designer or developer might overcharge them, or that he might not do a good work.

All that can be put to rest now that Google has come out with an initiative called GNBO which stands for Get Nigerian Businesses Online. To create your free website, all you need do is head on over to the GNBO website, sign up, design your website with very simple tools that will be provided and your website will be up in hours and not weeks.

With GNBO, you can design your website exactly how you want it to be and the most amazing part is that so far you can use a computer, you can design your own website because the process involved is dead simple!.

Before you register, you will be asked to choose a name for your website. Any name that you choose will be appended to e.g if i choose to name my business iEditYou, my new website address will be


To change your website to a without the gnbo in front of it, all you need do is pay N1,500 into designated banks and you will have a full domain without the gnbo for one year!.

If you wanted to build your company website, the web designer will surely collect more that N1, 500 so it is value for your money.

To start building your own website today, head on over to GNBO's website.