Tuesday, February 28, 2012

How i got 3G on my 6 year Airtel Line

I have been using Airtel from wayback(when they were still VMobile) which is approximately 6 years and recently around three months ago i noticed that my friends were receiving 3G reception on their devices and i wasn't.

I stay in Ogun state so i thought that maybe
it was probably because of where i stayed
but when i stayed in Lagos recently i still didn't get the reception on my phone.
Immediately i called the customer care and the customer care lady that i called just did not understand what i was saying.

Today February 28, i finally decided to head on to their office to give my complaint so i went to their Ikeja office. I stayed for around 20 minutes on the queue at the front desk before i was tended to and given a number.

I then took the number and sat down for another 50 minutes before i was called and then i talked to a customer care lady that asked for my name and number and then sent the provisioning. I was told that it would take up to 24 hours but i got the settings in less than 10 hours.

So if you want to get 3G provisioning if you do not already have, take this simple steps:
  1. Go to an Airtel Office/Customer care center
  2. Be prepared to stay for at least 1 hour if you're lucky
  3. Talk gently and explain in detail what you want to the customer care agent.
  4. Hopefully your SIM Card is provisioned.