Friday, February 24, 2012

11 Things that show that you are local

One of my friends on Facebook recently posted this and it was just too funny to not share it with you guys, enjoy!

(1) If you ask for Guguru instead of Popcorn.
(2) If Omo Ghetto sound track is your ring tone.
(3)When your prefer Ogogoro to Champagne.

(4)If you use broom as a tooth pick.
(5)If Toyota logo is at d back of urjeans.
(6)If Wizkid mentioned your name in Pakurumo.
(7)If you adjust ur undies while walking.
(8)If you say YEH! instead of ouch.
(9)If you use padlock to lock ur Fridge.
(10)If African Magic is ur favourite channel.
(11) If you eat bread and akara with seven up on top and pure water

You need deliverance cause locality don kill you!!!

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