Tuesday, January 10, 2012

How to Follow Fuel Subsidy Protests Online #OccupyNigeria

People, market women, students, all of Nigeria is Tired of the government just expecting us to rollover and die.
I am tired of them feeding us crap and expecting us to vomit, i mean i am one of the very plenty set of people that are regretting voting for "Goodluck" Jonathan.

Well, ranting aside, if you are at home like me and you want to follow the protests, here are useful links to get you up to date on what is taking place in the  country now.

To get the Latest collation of Tweets with the #hastag #OccupyNigeria, you can head on to a
website put together by Celestine Omin called Fuel-Subsidy.org

If you have an Android phone, you can download a monitoring application from Olaseni Odebiyi on the Android Market named Occupy Nigeria.

If you or anybody you know is protesting and they are arrested, you should read this blog post about What you should know if arrested while protesting in Nigeria

Another good blog post to read is the #OccupyNigeria survival guide

You can also view this blogpost- The Women of #OccupyNigeria

You can allow follow EIE's fuel subsidy progress

If you have power, you can switch on your TV and change the channel to Television Continental(TVC) where you can see live reporting.

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Watch this space as i would be updating this post with links to keep you informed.