Saturday, December 24, 2011

15 Things to do when you're out in the night in Lagos

Okay so my friend (@UPNEPA) tweeted about 15 things to do when you're still out late in the night and what you can do to get home in the safest possible time possible.
I just thought that i shouldn't go to waste so that i can share it with you guys, enjoy!

1. Don't look for a taxi. If you find one, alright. If you don't keep walking. Don't stop
2. Danfos are actually safer than taxis. Get into a full bus with minimal number of males
3. Never stop walking. Walk really fast if you have to
4. If you eventually walk home, take a route that has Police and Army barracks around it. Boys can't harass you around there
5. If you're carrying a laptop bag, find a place to drop it before you leave wherever. Laptops are easy targets
6. Do not allow the Taxi Driver charge you 1500 from Ojuelegba to Yaba. That's stupid and insane.
7. Keep calling/Texting your people with updates on your location. In case anything happens
8. Don't mix with the crowd. Stay in the front row if you have to join one.
9. Okadas are actually your friends. If you have to get into one, take from a place filled with Okadas. Everyone will know them
10. Yeah this is important. Do not bring out your Smartphone for any reason. All dem Visafones and Cheap Nokias are better. Tecno sef (If you have a smartphone, switch it off and put it in your sock!)
11. Saying "I'm scared. I'm about to cry' won't change anything. Keep Calm and Carry On
12. Yoruba will save you from problems. Do not hesitate to use "Oga MI" "Sir" "Uncle" and "Egbon" when boys try to harass you (you can also use "Baba O", "Chairman" and "Ori e wan be"
13. Like I've always said here, greet the army men that stand in front of the barracks! They'll watch you till you exit the road
14. Yoruba gets you good deals with Taxi Drivers sha
15. If you know you can't handle all the wahala of going out yourself, just stay at home and watch TV or something
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