Monday, October 10, 2011

My First Week in The Univeristy

Standing in Front of a horse at Unaab
I recently got admission into the University of Agriculture Abeokuta(UNAAB) to study Computer Science and i have just spent one week in the university doing mostly orientation and registration.

The Nigerian society or in fact the world at large has placed a heavy emphasis on the usefulness of Tertiary education at a university and rightly so too as that is the place that you further enhance your knowledge and better your understanding.

So i left home for school on Tuesday, 4th of October 2011 at around 8:00 am amidst Goodbyes and well wishes from my dearest mum and younger sister. Being that i had a big traveling bag to carry i had to walk to the bus stop to get a bike that was going to carry me and my luggage to the bus stop where  i was going to board a bus or cab that was going to carry me to Abeokuta.

On getting to Abeokuta i alighted and boarded another cab that was going to take me to where i rented my apartment not far from the school called "CAMP". On getting to Camp, i alighted the taxi and set off to carry my luggage to the house of one of my Roommate's friend called Brother Victor near my apartment temporarily because i had to quickly go and pay my school fee that morning.

I had to pull my luggage a very long distance away from the bus stop before i met a guy that i also met at Uncle Victor's place called Mike and he assisted me in carrying my luggage to my destination. After i had dropped my Luggage, me and Mike set off to pay our fees and we quickly got back to Camp and boarded a bike to the school.

Getting Foodstuffs from Shapon with Wale
When we came back from the paying of the fees and some other necessary dues, i saw my roommate Wale and me and him headed to the caretaker's house to collect the keys to our room only to discover that he wasn't at home so we used that opportunity to board a cab that took us to where we were going to get our food stuffs and sleeping materials.
The name of the bus stop that we got all necessary amenities from is called "SHAPON(pronounced sha-pon)" and it was not too far from another major city in Abeokuta called Lafenwa.
Getting all the amenities such as Food stuffs, a bed, Carpet and the likes took us like 3 hours and by the time we were done the time was already 7:00 pm. We got a taxi that was going to carry all our load for us home but he insisted on taking 800 Naira and being without a choice we boarded the taxi home.

I use Globacom as my main line for browsing and on getting to Abeokuta discovered a very sad truth that there was no 3G coverage. I was and still am very sad at this development which will force me to subscribe to MTN as they have 3G coverage. But i am still vexed as the capital of such a big state like Ogun State does not have fast internet access on any network apart from MTN on which i am not subscribed.

And another qualms that i am having is the issue of no electricity since i came to Abeokuta on Tuesday. News around my area indicated that there was a cut of some electricity cables along the Ifo side of Ogun state making PHCN to cut-off electrical supply to some parts of Ogun State, my area(Camp, Abeokuta) included. Imagine the frustration of having no power on my laptop, always switching on and promptly switching off my Android phone so as to preserve the battery that was left on it.

I have not been able to blog effectively from Abeokuta because of the issues mentioned above which can be evident by me just posting 2 articles the whole of last week and even that was only possible via the Blogger app on my phone as my laptop had been dead since tuesday.
I hopefully hope to be able to subscribe to an MTN data plan since most of my money and my mum's money has been spent on apartment, school fees and some other miscellaneous fees(Though i would be grateful if you sent me an MTN recharge card right about now)!.

I have gone to the University to read and excel and that i will do by God's grace hopefully with the intent of still running this blog to its full capacity!

Thanks for reading this short(!) post about my experience in the university, this post was about me but do you know that there is someone up there that really cares about you?, his name is Jesus and he does not want you to perish. his love for you is immeasurable and unending. To find out how to get saved today, why don't you visit this link and start working on your salvation today!
Thanks and God bless!