Thursday, September 01, 2011

Who will win the Oliver Twist Dance Competition by D'Banj?, Here are the Best Videos!

Along with the release of his single "Oliver Twist" by D'banj, he organized a dance competition to anyone that is creative with the soundtrack and i was watching videos uploaded to youtube by different groups and i just thought i should post the ones that i considered good and i'll also post some outrageous ones also.

I'll provide the video and download links later for those that cannot watch it. Enjoy! and remember to laugh!


So here are the other videos that i think that deserve to win.
MY BACKYARD CREW(My Personal Favorite, seriously. Still the best video i've seen!)

U WAN BOIZ(Funny Entrance)

BICS(Four Funny girls)

Terry26911(Funny showkey dancing style)

Okay, thats all i have for now but stay tuned for updates and their individual download links.
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