Friday, August 12, 2011

Weekly Roundup: Get Travel information, Check your Waec Results and More.

This series i.e the weekly roundup is the first in the line of many more that will be made available on this blog to give you the best news around the web.

Get Travel News, Book Hotels abroad and Transportation Abroad.
My friend at O-One Konceptz wrote a review on how to travel abroad for less, book for hotels abroad, get transportation when you are abroad using a Nigerian service called Wakanow. The joy of the whole thing is that it is cheap.
So to read his review, go to O-Oneconcepz now.

How Check your 2011 Waec Result Online
My friend Infotechtutorials wrote a comprehensive article on how to check your 2011 Waec Result online and if you wrote the exam but you don't know how to check your result i think you should take a look at his article on

How to Stop Someone from calling you.
My friend at The New Technology posted a useful tip on how to stop someone from calling you. So if that info may be useful to you, you may check out the article at The New Technology.

Watch out for more useful links to relevant websites that provide useful tips and tutorials to enhance your daily life.
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