Wednesday, August 17, 2011

How to Subscribe to MTN Caller Tunes in Nigeria

I recently visited my friends place and i met someone there that asked me how to set up the caller tunes service on her phone and i just thought i should share this quick tip here.
  • Dial the caller tune zone on 4100 and listen
  • Press 1 to download a new caller tune
  • Enter the caller tune code for the song you want
  • End it with a hash(#)


  • Follow the voice prompt to complete your subscription
The new caller tune will be activated and you will receive a text message saying:
"Your callertunez was processed successfully"

How to set up a Personalized or Customized MTN Caller Tune
So what if you want to set up your own custom tune as the caller tune?, well MTN provides this service and the steps to do it are listed below:

To set up DIY service, here's what to do:
  • Dial the same Caller tune zone on 4100
  • Press 4 to DIY your favourite song or tune
  • Then press 1 to begin
  • After the beep, record your tune to the phone e.g voice or song from your background (Limited time allowed)
  • Press # when finished
  • Listen to the tune when replayed
  • Press 1 to submit it
  • You would hear a voice feedback telling you that you have succeeded. You will receive a text message shortly.


Please note that calling 4100 will deduct out of your credit.
Also, the service costs N50.00 per month and for every caller tune set up for your phone.

Hope this was of help to you.
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