Wednesday, February 23, 2011

How to Use Expired Softwares on Windows

DISLAIMER:This does not mean that you should not purchase a valid license but should just be used for quick use.

The other day, i was using a software only to discover that it had expired, so i remembered a certain technique that i learnt while surfing the net so i just downloaded the software, ran it and voila! i used that software peacefully until i was able to buy a license.
The name of the software is RunAsDate. It allows you to reverse a software to an earlier state.
It works by creating a shortcut of an earlier time to your desktop. Be warned however that immediately you create a shortcut of a software at an earlier time, it is always advisable to delete the real shortcut of the application so that you do not accidentally click on it.

To Download RunAsDate click here

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