Saturday, January 29, 2011

How to lock Windows Transparently

We all use the helpful Windows + L hotkey to lock our systems when we are not around. What of if we could make that windows transparent. The question now is that why will we want to make the lock screen transparent with the answer being that sometimes when you’re doing tasks like downloading a file or transferring documents, you’ll not need to continuously unlock Windows.

ClearLock is the name of the Windows software that can make it possible by replacing the lock screen with a transparent layer, allowing you to see the screen when windows is locked but restricts then from using it.


After you unzip the, you will find the executable inside the “Files Folder”, start ClearLock and it will ask you to enter a password and reconfirm it. Once you have done that, hit the ClearLock executable again to lock windows. The only downer here is that It does not replace the Windows + L hotkey so you have to pin it to the taskbar(For Windows 7 users), or put the .exe somewhere that is easily accessible(For Windows XP and Vista Users).
Once the desktop is locked with ClearLock, you’ll see a transparent window with a dialog box on top of it asking for the password. The dialog box will disappear after a minute of inactivity.


To Download ClearLock click

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