Monday, January 17, 2011

Where to buy android phones in Nigeria

As a very ardent follower of Android, i am very amazed that Android phones are not a common nor stocked phone by popular phone retailers in Nigeria.
I'll share some sites that you can shop for Android phones in Nigeria....

1. Mizbeach
They stock about four to five android phones from LG and Samsung. Click HERE to go to their Website.
Throughout my surfing the internet, they are the only source that stock many android phones in Nigeria(About 12-13).
Click Here to visit their website.
3.Mobility Nigeria
They stock in Android phones also though they do not have any physical location. Click Here to go to their website.
4.Affordable Comms
They also stock Android phones. Click Here to visit their website.

5. Slot Systems also stock android phones now. To in to their website click here(Thanks Bayo Oyekole)

If i omitted any retailer that sells Android phones in Nigeria please kindly comment and i'll make the change as soon as possible.