Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Enhance your middle mouse button

Have you always wanted to enhance windows explorer to do more?
The middle mouse button can be tweaked to perform much more in windows explorer. The name of this software is SmartXplore and it converts your almost useless middle button to a powerhouse of commands that enhance your windows experience.

The program supports add-ons that can be downloaded from the home page.

All these add-ons are easy to understand and modify of you want any specific alteration to serve your purpose.

By default, it comes with a sample hotkey function, which is written in three lines of code for opening Untitled – Windows Notepad file. To check that application is working fine, use Ctrl+Alt+N hotkey combination to bring up sample Notepad file.
Just use the middle-mouse button to bring up all the contained options, you can create a script to create a folder cluster, open Command Processor (CMD), browse through different folders and access them by clicking Fast Browser option, quickly create a New Folder, Upload selected file/folder to configured FTP server (requires your server address, username, and password), access multiple clipboard options, view file/folder or drive information, capture screen area in multiple ways, and insert a current time-stamped file in a folder. These are just the default options, you can integrate more options by installing there useful add-ons.

The "Misc" sub-menu also enable options to manipulate the files/folders in current location, you can toggle hidden files, search extension on Google, quickly open duplicate window for comparison purposes, move selected file/folder to parent directory, and so on.
The application is minimized to the system tray and you can download new add-ons from there. You also have option to enable option to start with Windows logon. You can also add as many locations, applications, shortcuts, web links, etc., to its simple menu editor Notepad text file. To add your bookmarks or shortcuts just press middle mouse button on desktop or Windows explorer's title bar. It'll bring a new menu to add items.

Sample add-on: Middle click, mouse over My Applications and click edit Application list.
Type cmd in the notepad pad it pops up and save it. Now close the notepad and try the middle click and
you'll see that the command prompt is there!
To add aplications, copy the full path e.g for vlc you'll copy C:\Program Files\VideoLAN\VLC\Vlc.exe and you'll paste it in the notepad.

NOTE: For Laptop owners, your middle button is your left button plus your right button presses together at the same time.

Download SmartXplore Here

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