Wednesday, October 13, 2010

How to pause Cyber café time.

This is not an alternative not to pay the cafés cause in the end its money that they use to constantly stay online.

I was at the cyber café the other day updating my blog. With 2 minutes remaining on my time and having done all I wanted to do, I realized that I had made a very terrible mistake in one of the updates. I was at a dilemma as my time was about to finish and I hadn’t any extra money on me to buy more time......

Then I remembered that I know how to pause the café timer and I just went ahead to pause it for about 5 minutes for me to do what I wanted to do before un-pausing the time and letting it to finally run out.
Below are the steps that you are going to take:

->Download Process Suspender Here
->After you download it(it is a ZIP file); extract it and keep it somewhere you know it will not be easily discovered.
->Open it and you will see a list of running processes. Don’t be scared when you the long list.
->Look for the name of the logon client that the café uses(most of the cafes use “cKclient”).
->After you find the name of the client; right click on it and then click on pause and voila! Its done.
->Use the paused time to do what you want to do and when you are done just re-open the process suspender and un-pause the client.
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